Rooftop Revolutionaries are
a modern hard rock band from
Los Angeles, CA. Unlike many
contemporary bands, Rooftop
Revolutionaries express political
and social views in their songs,
blending a message with a punishing
sound similar to that of Shinedown,
Chevelle and Alice in Chains.

Rooftop Revolutionaries create music for the
movement to Get Money Out of politics; to
return the power to the people. Every issue in
this country, from education, health care,
war, poverty, economy and the environment
can be traced back to the corrupting
influence of money in politics.
Rooftop's music is a medium to fight that
corruption, to engage through entertainment
and to push for change.

band members
Eleanor Goldfield grew up both
in Sweden and North Carolina where her socio-political views were sharpened through diverse cultural experiences. She was classically trained as an opera singer and turned to hard rock in her early teens. Since moving to LA in 2005, she has continued to hone her skills in studio and on stage as a professional singer, writer, engineer and tech.
Brian Marshak grew up in New Jersey and began playing guitar at
the age of six. After leaving the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Brian relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. Since then he has toured internationally and domestically, composed music for television and film and helped Eleanor Goldfield create Rooftop Revolutionaries.
Mikael "Redbeard" Gustavsson started as guitar player at 16, but when creating one of his first bands he took up the bass because no one else would. Then he wouldn't put it down. After working as a live sound engineer and playing with metal bands in Sweden he decided to pursue his dream of making bass playing a living. After coming to LA in 2012 to study bass at Musicians Institute, he is now able to put 100% of his time into bass playing.
Colin Reid Growing up in a musical household in Vancouver, British Columbia, Colin moved to LA in 2006 to pursue his own career as a guitarist and vocalist. Since then, he has worked on a variety of musical projects, including writing and performing his own material, teaching, and playing with a number of successful acts, including the progressive rock band with Nick Menza from Megadeth.
Stanley Love By the time he moved to LA in 2011, Stan already had a degree in Orchestral Conducting and experience playing in studio and on stage with several different artists and genres.

He continues to be recognized for his skills and knowledge, working full time as a drummer and is the only drummer we know of that´s always on time, even early, to rehearsals and shows.






Rooftop Revolutionaries proudly uses:

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Mesa Boogie Amplifiers
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